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Football Golf

Football Golf has the same principles as golf, but instead of using a golf ball and a club, you kick a football into the hole. The aim is to go around the course, by kicking the football into the holes or goals in the least number of kicks as possible. Our football golf course has beach themed obstacles that you have to kick the football through and around including crab pots, a fishing boat and a tractor tyre. The last hole is a free kick and you have to kick the football over the wall.

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Opening Times & Prices

Opening Times

Open: 8:00AM – 5:00PM*
Last kick off: 4:30PM

*Keep a look out on our Facebook page for changes to our opening times, in the event of bad weather or please ring for confirmation especially out of season, bookings always welcome.

For groups looking to book during ‘out of hours’, please get in touch with us via Facebook.


Adults: £7.50/round*
Under 13’s: £4.00/round**
Locals: £6.50/round***
Under 5s & OAP’s: FREE

*A £3 deposit is to be paid for each Football.
**Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
*** Locals must bring proof of Newquay address.

Dogs are welcome too, but please ensure they are kept on a lead at all times.


  1. Like golf, if you are a larger group and see a smaller group behind you waiting, do the right thing and let them play through.
  2. The golf flags and obstacles are never to be removed or repositioned.
  3. If your football has landed in the rough, bushes, a boat or on top of Frankenstein’s fat foot then you are welcome to play it as it lies, or take a drop (with a one shot penalty) to the nearest part of the fairway.
  4. If another player’s ball is in the way, then that player can remove their ball and leave a mark (coin) until they’re ready to kick their ball.
  5. The winner is the player with the lowest number on their scorecard.
  6. In the result of a tie, to decide the winner. Each player with the same score has one attempt each to do as many ‘Keepy ups’ as possible, the highest number wins.
  7. If your football lands on another hole’s fairway then there is a one shot penalty.
  8. If your football goes out of bounds, outside of the fenced area there is a one shot penalty and you can take a drop onto the nearest part of the fairway.
  9. You cannot kick a moving ball, please wait until your ball has completely stopped.
  10. The winner of the hole, has the honour of kicking first on the next.
  11. No rolling or flicking the football.
  12. The maximum score you can get on any hole is ten.
  13. If you kick your football and it hits an opponent’s ball, they can replace their football back into the original position, but you can’t.
  14. The player whose ball is furthest from the hole, kicks first.

We Are Open - Weather dependant, check Facebook or call us on: 07845 148664

We Are Open - Weather dependant, check Facebook or call us on: 07845 148664

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